People often,usually turn to nature for comfort or healing. But don’t think this is a modern -day concept. We know that many people temporarily leave the bustle. HEALING POWER OF NATURE.

workpressure of city life to spend some time in the mountains,where we are away from the pressure of family,work ,gossip and scandel, surrounded by positive forces of nature,they managed to rest and to be healed.


We know that Nature has healing and restorative powers, through restrictive times of the pandemic also it naturally makes you feel good.

Nature is a great Healer and absorber of negativity and to tap into its healing power all we need to do is tune -in and reconnect with where we once belonged”.


1. It boosts your mood:

Sunlight provides you with nourishing energizing vitamin D, which has been shown to boost mood calm. The nervous system and improve the seasonal affective disorder.

Vitamin D also promotes calcium absorption in the body, and getting the proper amount of it can minimise the risk of hypertension, cancer and certain autoimmune diseases.

2. You can concentrate better:

Taking a break in nature can improve your concentration power.Leave your phone behind and let your mind unwind from the over stimulation .So it’s common with modern ,busy life. HEALING POWER OF NATURE .

3. Nature limits your stress:

Being in mother nature,can reduce stress in the body.spending timein the nature can lower your heart rate-a symptom of stress.

4. It strengthens your limits:

In a Study showed a human being who spent six hours in the woods over a, two periods increased their white blood cells .which fight virus and improve the immune system.

5. It lightens feeling of depression:

A Nature heals you in so many ways Including your mental health. A studies have linked nature walks with improved mental health.